Pan Am Athletes Residence

The contractor completed 1275 linear feet of 2 inch shadow boxes, ready for paint, in 3 days, when the deadline was moved up.

Oshawa Centre

Reduced the labour of each ceiling segment by 70%, by using prefab’d material. For one ceiling segment, it used to take a crew of 4, 7 days to complete, took a crew of 2, 4 days to complete. That amount of savings over a few dozen sections, really adds up.

Cataraqui Mall

Contractor was able to complete drywall portion ahead of schedule.

First Community Christian Church

Eliminated 2 week’s worth of taping and a skid of mud.

Garage Clothing



Saved on material and labour, using a unique profile, instead of the MDF that was originally specified.


Saved almost 80% in material using a drywall profile vs the fibreglass alternative.


Thousands of feet of cornerbead eliminated using a standard profile, cut on site to fit individual

Wellings of Picton

Hallways done ahead of schedule allowing crews to move to more labour intensive tasks

Canon Canada

By using prefab’d material, the sharp laser straight corner keeps an incredible finish next to architectural accents.